Saturday, 17 February 2007


First off thanks for stopping by, this is the first Blog I've ever bothered to create but hopefully it'll be something I'll enjoy doing and other people enjoy visiting. I've been a fan of plenty of art and animation blogs but I was always concerned that if I started my own it'd get left to collect virtual dust, mostly if I couldn't find something interesting to post. In the end I decided that I always manage to end up drawing Nintendo characters so why not use that as the basic structure for a blog?
Hopefully knowing that I've signed up for this will encourage me to draw more and improve my draughtsmanship in the process.
Anyway, without further ado here are the first drawings to go up!
They were all done this morning with Pentel blue's.

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Thanks again for taking a look,


Chigs! said...

Hooray! Great idea for a blog dude - I shall have to pop this onto my "morning run" of blogs now :)

Zak said...

Cheers man!
Although as the delay in this reply may suggest, you'd probably be better off making it a weekly run.