Saturday, 24 February 2007


This is 'Ocarina' Link, it's all Photoshop. Hopefully I'll have more work to post in the not too distant future!
I find that apart from the Wind Waker version of Link I essentially draw him as the same character no matter which game I'm depicting him from. I'll try to make a conscious effort from hereon in to have a bit more of the various versions' individuality show through.
I'd like to try drawing some more obscure Nintendo characters too but at the moment I'm playing so much Twilight Princess that most of my output's related to Zelda!

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Hylian Reploid said...

Hey there, welcome to the OoT fanart contest and congrats on starting up your own fanart blog! ^^ Your work is quite impressive! I love pikachu's pooch, lol! Adorable!

Just in case you haven't noticed (I sure didn't), the blog is set to reject anonymous comments by default, so if you want to allow those, you'll need to change it in your settings. Best wishes on this project!

Zak said...

Thanks for that!
I've altered it now so there should be no problem, cheers for taking the time to point it out.