Friday, 6 April 2007

Just a quickie!

As the title suggests.
This one's a quick colour job of the Mario I posted last time round.

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Here's another YouTube vid that's worth a look, it's got some awesome animation!
I heard a year or so ago that Nintendo were planning a foray into animation, I'm just not sure if anything ever came of it. I know this ad has nothing to do with it but Nintendo would be missing a trick if they never released 2d film (with a healthy budget of course) based on any of their main franchises.


Anonymous said...

Very cool – the concept of the tanooki suit always made me laugh: who would have thought Mario was a furry?

What do you use for your colouring?


Zak said...

Yeah, he had a bizarre wardrobe for that game!
If I'm not painting I use Photoshop 7, although I'm determined to get some version of Painter running smoothly on my laptop and give that a go.

Ash Collins said...

dammit, I thought i was being clever and unusual when i did a tanooki mario drawing a few months ago. lol!