Friday, 23 March 2007

Some new doodles!

Hey there,
Got a few new sketches up!
First off a Smash Bros Quickie. I want to make a series of drawings for this game, mostly because I like the contrast between the silly and serious characters. As a rough starting point then, I give you Snake and Pikachu!

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I noticed that I forgot Pika's stripes, I might give it a quick colour job later and add them then.

I call this a Nintendo art blog but I can't believe I haven't done any Mario drawings yet, here's one to rectify that!

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And last but not least...
I know this character isn't really Nintendo but with all the rumours of a Wii-bound sequel on the way I couldn't help but do a quick sketch of everyone's favourite genderless dream jester thing.
(NiGHTs if you hadn't already guessed!)
The Saturn game was a defining moment in Sonic Team's ( and the Saturn's) career. I hope the Wii version, if it is indeed in the works, can live up to it.

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One more thing to share, this is surely the greatest advert ever put to film, enjoy!


Super-Munkyboy said...

Cool ya drew Nights, I loved that game. It needs to come out on the Wii, the controller is perfect for it.

Racoon Mario is kinda disturbing, but his animal suits always weirded me out. Frog Mario was bizarre.

Loving Pikachu vs Snake. Its gonna be interesting how they put Snake in it, and I'm curious to know the real reason why he's in there.

TeamSmithy said...

Could you realy defeat Ganon using only the medium of dance?

My heart says yes, but my brain says no.

Zak said...

Cheers Super-munkyboy!
I'm sure you've heard by now, but NiGHTs is in development! Wiiiiiii!
Cheers for stopping by man.

Smithy, I think it can definitely be done. It's just that noone ever thought to try before!

sean90 said...

great drawings! keep it up.
I saw your blog in nGamer