Saturday, 22 September 2007


This one's a real quickie, I wish I'd had a bit more time to spend on it but there you go!
Not strictly a Nintendo property, but the fourth (and probably best) Resident Evil game was designed for a Nintendo platform and has recently seen a re-release on the Wii.
I've got a few new drawings on the go and in my sketchbook so hopefully there'll be more updates soon when I get round to doing some scanning!

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TeamSmithy said...

Not sure about the canvas background, a more natural texture with a bit of variety might have worked better.

The rest is sweet though.

Zak said...

I appreciate the feedback man, I knew that the canvas texture looked a tad shitty but I figured it was marginally more interesting than flat colour or (god forbid) a gradient!
Next time I'll be sure to take extra time to find some new textures.